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"One Belt And One Road" is expected to bring new opportunities to the development of sensor industry
The Author:Xin Road for   Time:2017-06-20
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One Belt And One Road international cooperation peak BBS was held in Beijing on May 14, 2008. At the peak of BBS, governments, local governments, enterprises and other countries reached 76 major and 270 concrete results. President xi jinping said on BBS that trade was an important driver of economic development and pledged to invest $124 billion in "One Belt And One Road".

For Chinese innovation companies, One Belt And One Road means more opportunities for development. At the same time, Chinese innovation enterprises are "going out" while also bringing new opportunities to the automation sensor industry. With the development of the Internet of intelligent things, the nerve endings of the Internet of things are increasingly dependent on the support of intelligent sensor technology in many fields of demand and construction. Here's a look at the application of sensor technology in recent news.

For the first time, the drone has a bird 's-eye view of chang 'an avenue

Beijing chang an avenue, known as "China first street", the "area" peak BBS held on the eve of international cooperation, CCTV reported aerial drones, team for the first time the bird's eye view changan avenue, hand in photograph reflect history and modern feeling here.

At the moment, there are a lot of areas where consumer drones can be seen. Recently, foreign design studios have used drones equipped with sensors to create graffiti. No chance to carry spray can, through the APP unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the content of the digital map to programming and real-time adjustment by the central management system and operation, the uav will be any blank surface into an art space.

Zhongguancun enterprises placed more than 100 sensors in Manchester, England

Recently, zhongguancun enterprises have reached the end of the china-europe line, and the UK has implemented the wisdom guide application. Beacon of the enterprises will be more than 100 sensors, installed in the Manchester city buses, galleries, museums, libraries and local stores, match with large data processing ability of the cloud platform, based on a "cloud - tube - end" of the trinity of iot technology, build the perception of 10 km radius of Internet communication network.

When a user in a certain well-known exhibition center near trip, with the pace of mobile, they will be received in real time in front of the exhibits of the relevant background information, as well as internal special buildings of historical information center. Manchester process design center of digital information manager Christine, says Mr Hitchens iot system installed in the venue, broke the traditional tour experience, at the same time brought more wisdom for tourists to visit.

The first subway line in Pakistan's Lahore rail transit line is under the middle line

On May 15, led by China railway corporation and the northern industrial company total package of china-pakistan economic corridor of demonstration projects to Lahore, rail transit line orange first train car plant in the offline machine company. It is understood that the project lines roughly north-south, about 25.58 km, total station 26, stainless steel drum body, will serve the second largest city of Lahore Pakistan.

It is understood that this type of urban rail vehicles for Pakistan's national customized, in terms of the safety and reliability of the traction system, the type of train for the first time in 80 km/h speed level configuration on bogie shaft temperature detection alarm system, each axle box fitted with a temperature sensor, can real-time monitor the axle temperature information, and make a fault, early warning, alarm, and display alarm message on man-machine interface, the diagnostic system accuracy is not lower than 98%, non-response rates not greater than 0.1%, can accurately grasp the bogie shaft temperature condition, ensure vehicle running safety.

Zhu pengfei, general manager of the China railway corporation's Lahore orange line, said the success of the orange line project has helped improve infrastructure and people's livelihoods along the One Belt And One Road.