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The smart manufacturing age sensor is the fulcrum
The Author:Xin Road for   Time:2017-06-20
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In recent years, with the rapid development of the intelligent industry, there is a need for various high-tech products to assist in the production of high-tech products. According to industry experts, there is no such thing as a sensor, a smart industry, an Internet of things, and a bubble in the real economy.

ICInsights recently said that by 2017 it is expected to see a 9 per cent increase in sales of accelerations and angular velocity sensors, with sales of $3bn. Sales of magnetic field sensors and electronic compass chips rose 8 percent to $2 billion. Sales of pressure sensors rose 8% to $2.7 billion. Transmission will also grow by 8%, with sales of $4.9 billion. The sensor market is now a blue sea.

It is now the era of the smart industrial age, which can be seen by drones widely used in various consumer and industrial applications, and sensors are a vital component of the smart industry

It is understood that making a high-performance uav requires at least accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetic compasses and air pressure sensors. In addition, the specific application sensors, such as humidity sensors, that do not affect the core functioning of the uav, monitor environmental humidity parameters. Placing these sensors at the core of the drone can ensure the stability, sensitivity and speed of the drone, and the functions and navigation of the vehicle are operational.

The development of intelligent industry, market demand huge sensor, can say, sensor's annual compound growth rate over the next five years will be increased quickly, as ICInsights expected, sales to be as high as $10.1 billion to 2021.